ADA sidewalks will make Tenth Street repairs eligible for state or federal funding funding

Taft's share of the funding raised through the Senate Bill 1 gasoline tax comes out to a little under $150,000.

It's going to be used for a project this year that will make it easier for pedestrians to get around and position the city to be able to do some needed road resurfacing on Tenth Street between Kern and Front.

No road work will be done with the $147,625 the city is getting as its share of the funds raised through SB1 from higher gas and diesel taxes and other fees.

Instead, the money will be used to engineer and construct new sidewalks, curbs and a handicapped access ramp on Tenth Street south of Kern.

"The City has an ADA transition plan and has worked constructing pedestrian improvement throughout the city using various grants and other funding," a staff report reads. "The next area of focus will be 10th Street, from Kern to Front Street, for various pedestrian improvements."

It's going to have two benefits.

First, its going to make it easier for pedestrians traveling in the area by adding ramps and access points and fixing obstacles and buckled sidewalk.

When complete with sidewalks that comply with the federal Americans with Disabilities Act, the city will now be able to use state and federal funding to repair the road surface on Tenth in the area.

Where future funding is going to come from has been thrown into question with a ballot initiative that has qualified for the November ballot to repeal SB 1.

City Manager Craig Jones said this week that, no matter what happens with SB1 in the election, the city will use other funding sources to pay for Tenth Street repair.