The Butte County Department of Behavioral Health is partnering with local organizations in May to host special events to celebrate Mental Health Matters Month.

Community members are invited to attend events throughout the month that include wellness workshops, trainings, and mental health resource fairs at three County Library locations. A complete list of events is available on the Butte County Department of Behavioral Health website.

Approximately one in five people will experience a mental health challenge over the course of their lifetime. Yet research shows that many people – particularly young people – wait a long time to get help due to fears of being labeled or stigmatized. With support and appropriate treatment, people living with a mental health challenge can, and do, get better.

In addition to attending Mental Health Matters Month events, people can get involved by:

· Checking in and listening to friends and loved ones.

· Wearing lime green, the national color of mental health awareness, to get the conversation started!

· Helping to reduce stigma around mental health. Talking openly and honestly about mental health lets those we care about know that we support them. Words are important though, so check out the “Say This Not That” reduce to help guide your conversation.

For more information about Butte County mental health services please visit Additional information is available from Each Mind Matters, California’s mental health movement, at