The Butte County Department of Employment and Social Services and the Butte County Probation Department celebrated 47 foster and probation youth on Tuesday, May 1, during the 4thAnnual Graduation Event.

Twenty- seven foster youth and 13 probation youth obtained their diploma through the Table Mountain School (TMS), and seven former foster youth are soon graduating from college.

All foster and probation youth graduating from high school received a laptop. Twenty-two of those laptops were donated by the Rural Counties Representative of California (RCRC) and National Homebuyers Funds, Inc. (NHF) through their 1 Laptop Program for Foster Youth. RCRC and NHF’s Boards of Directors each approved providing $200,000 to support the 1 Laptop Program for Foster Youth, which provides more than 1,100 eligible foster youth and former foster youth with laptops throughout RCRC’s 35 member counties. The 1 Laptop Program for Foster Youth is run by iFoster, a national non-profit serving the child welfare community, including formal foster care, guardianship, informal kinship care, transition-age youth (16-24) and probation.

Butte County partnered with the Butte County Office of Education (BCOE), Butte-Glenn Community College District Inspiring Scholars, California State University, Chico PATH Scholars, Youth for Change, Northern California Youth & Family Programs and iFoster in creating a memorable experience for graduating youth.