It could be worth a $1 million per year in 'profit' for city

Taft has a new 5-year contract, $70 million to keep the Taft Modified Correctional Facility open and maintain a revenue stream coming into the city, but it doesn't come with a guarantee.

Like previous contracts with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation to house low security inmates, it includes a 30-day out clause, giving either party the right to terminate the agreement with a months' notice.

Still, its good enough for the City of Taft.
The Taft City Council approved it on a 4-0 vote on May 1.

the contract, which runs from July 1 through June 30, 2023, calls for the state to pay a maximum of $69,449,442.00 over the life of the contract.

That figure is based on full occupancy for the 600-bed facility on Commerce way next to the Taft Police Department.

City Manager Craig Jones said the facility is recently bern housing about 550 inmates.

Most of the money will go to the cost of operating the facility -- paying for the maintenance and upkeep of the buildings, guard and staff salaries, food, medical and other expenses.

The city's 'corporate fee" is going to be about 10 percent of that.

The five-year contract should give the city more than $1 million per year based on the new contract and past payments.

Some of that money is going into aa reserve fund to help the city cover cost the of closing the facility in the event the CDCR decides to close it again.
Taft operated the facility from 1991 until 2011 as a community correctional facility until the state terminated the contract as a result of AB109, the prison realignment bill that drastically reduced California's prison population. It was reopened in 2014 as a modified community correctional facility with a higher level of security than in the past.