It's been in the works for 5 years

The City has budgeted money to give the Taft Civic Center and City Council Chambers a major makeover, but despite a lot of discussion over the past five years, hasn't done anything.

Now, it's going to hire a consultant to draw up a detailed plan for the remodel so the City can finally put the project out for bids.
The City Council approved a recommendation from city staff to hire Ryker Designs to put together a list of work so the city can start on the project.

It's going to be a major undertaking, according to a staff report.

"The interior of the Civic Center building is in poor condition and has had no improvements or upgrades since the early 1990s," a staff report said. "The lighting and electrical is inefficient throughout the building along with significant wear and tear of all surfaces. The improvements we are looking to make will cover lighting and electrical upgrades, and replacement of floor, wall and ceiling materials as required.

The Council Chambers will undergo a major remodel and the permanent seating will be removed to turn it into a multipurpose room.

"The scope will also include upgrades to the Council Chamber to remove the fixed stadium seating and utilize removable chairs," staff report continued. This will allow the Chamber to be used more as a multi-purpose area, and setup in different ways to accommodate various meetings and trainings..."

Ryker Designs will be paid up to $17,475 to put together the list of work.
There is no current estimated for the cost or a timetable for when it will be done.