A few days after Christmas was the one-year anniversary of the death of my beloved dog Beatrix (Ms. B for short).  It was a heart wrenching time in my life for me, my son Sebastian, as well as our other dogs, especially Tootie, a Yorkshire Terrier, whom we adopted several months before Ms. B’s untimely passing.  Although we experienced a short period of adjustment when we first brought Tootie home, once Ms. B finally conceded and allowed her face to be repeatedly licked and her ears to be lovingly chewed on, they became best friends.  Needless to say, Tootie suffered a profound loss and although I didn’t want to think about it just yet, I knew she’d eventually need a new companion.

It wasn’t until the Summer when I began entertaining the thought of adopting again and from time to time I’d browse PetFinder for my local area.  I suppose that in doing so, I may have motivated Sean (my boyfriend at the time) to adopt because before I knew it, I found him a female Rat Terrier to his specifications in his local area.  From one day to the next, quite literally, he became the proud owner of Gen and for the next several months, whenever Tootie and I would visit them in Arizona, it was entertaining to watch our girls play with one another once the short period of adjustment ended and Tootie conceded and allowed her personal space to be repeatedly invaded by the ever so playful Gen.

While shopping at PetSmart several months later, there happened to be an adoption event in progress and figuring that what Tootie didn’t know wouldn’t hurt her, I hurried over to pet as many dogs as I could.  Wanting to find one of a breed and of an age that was compatible to Tootie’s, I came across a female Shih Tzu named Linda.  My heart dropped when I saw just how affectionate she was and for the next 20 minutes I devoted my attention to her. After making up my mind that I wanted to take her home, I asked an adoption representative about her. Alas, considering her previous history, I was informed that she’d be better suited in a home where she was the only dog.

Seeing that my relationship with Sean recently ended (and consequently Tootie’s relationship with Gen), now more than ever I wanted to find her a companion.  Browsing through 4 The Love of Rescue, the same website I adopted Tootie through, I found another Shih Tzu, this one named Ginger. Seeing as I was going to be driving through Victorville anyway, I made an appointment for a meet and greet but I couldn’t bring myself to adopt her. Black and white and with the sweetest disposition, she reminded me way too much of Ms. B, so much that I was flooded with memories of her and cried all the way home.  Fatefully, only an hour later, another family stepped up to adopt her.

Coming to a firm decision on adopting another Yorkshire Terrier, rather than dogs that reminded of my dearly departed dog, I scoured PetFinder and found Fifi.  After carefully studying her profile and learning that she was about a year old and good with children and other dogs, I immediately called the listed phone number.  Since Fifi was located in Hanford, California, our meet and greet was scheduled for that upcoming weekend.  Interestingly, I later came to realize that I wasn’t the only one interested in adopting her.  Luckily for me, however, I was first in line and had dibs on this particular doggy.

Up at the crack of dawn that Saturday morning, Tootie and I ventured to Hanford.  Arriving early at our destination, we spied an elderly couple in a van as they pulled up nearby.  Without exaggeration, I could literally feel their eyes burning a hole in the back of my head.  With my spidey senses tingling, I knew they were also there for Fifi and sure enough, a while later during our meet and greet, the woman gave me her blessing to adopt her once she saw how happy the three of us seemed to be.  We did take Fifi home that day but alas, we didn’t have a happily ever after that I hoped we would.

To be continued . . .

“No dog is too much for me to handle.  I rehabilitate dogs, I train people.  I am the dog whisperer.” – Cesar Millan

— Monica Lorenz is a contributing columnist.


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