Burglary report on Lucard leads to arrest

7:45 Animal Control
Occurred on N. Sixth St. , Taft. . Disposition: Completed.
8:39 Disturbing the Peace
Occurred on Lucard St, Taft. . Disposition: Completed.

8:52 Animal Control
Occurred at MTC on Cadet Rd. , Taft. . Disposition: Unable to Locate.

9:59 Animal Control 1805220015
Occurred at Taft College on Cougar Ct. , Taft. . Disposition: Animal Pickup.

10:20 Petty Theft - $51 to $200
Occurred at Topper's Motel on E. Kern St. , Taft. . Disposition: Completed.

10:38 Vandalism - Less than $1,000
Occurred on Fifth St, Taft. . Disposition: Completed.

11:06 Abandoned Vehicle
Occurred at Snow Well Service Inc on Kern St. , Taft. . Disposition: Log Note Only.

12:50 Pedestrian Check
Officer initiated activity at Ot Cookhouse, N. Tenth St, Taft. . Disposition: 1:02 Taft P.D. Warrant Arrest
Officer initiated activity at Sixth Av/D St, Taft Heights. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

1:08 911 Hang-up
Occurred on Washington Av, Taft. (Hundred block.). . Disposition: Unable to Locate.

1:10 Animal Control
Officer initiated activity at Hillard St, Taft. (Hundred block.). . Disposition: Animal Pickup.

5:32 Theft under $50
Occurred on Fourth St, Taft. . Disposition: Completed.

5:52 Suspicious Person
Occurred on James Wy, Taft. (Hundred block.). . Disposition: Completed.

6:21 Pedestrian Check
Officer initiated activity at Warren St, Taft. (Hundred block.). . Disposition: Completed.

6:51 Assist other Departments
Occurred on Palm St, Taft. . Disposition: Report Taken.

7:37 Follow Up Investigation 1805220031
Officer initiated activity at E. Calvin St, Taft. . Disposition: Completed.

8:26 Found Property Report
Occurred at Dollar Tree on Gardner Field Rd. , Taft. . Disposition: Report Taken.

9:48 Suspicious Circumstances
Occurred on Sierra St, Taft. . Disposition: Checks Ok.

11:25 Pedestrian Check
Officer initiated activity at Hwy 33/Petroleum Club Rd, Taft. . Disposition: Checks Ok.
5:41 Suspicious Person
Occurred at Best Western Plus Taft Inn on S. Sixth St. , Taft. . Disposition: Warning (Verbal/Written).

6:05 Burglary- Residential
Occurred on Lucard St, Taft. . Disposition: Arrest Made.