Staffed with registered nurse, it is used to transport critically ill patients from one facility to another

The Kiwanis Club of Taft hosted Myron Smith, Operations Manager for Hall Ambulance and Manager of the Critical Care Transport, at their recent meeting at OT Cookhouse. Taft Kiwanis meets regularly, every Thursday at noon, hosting speakers who represent special contributions to our community. Hall Ambulance is certainly no exception.

Accompanying Smith was Registered Nurse Christopher Leone, who is part of the cadre of RN’s employed by Hall Ambulance to assist in critical call-outs in both the transport vehicles and in the helicopters.

After a brief orientation by Smith about Critical Care vehicles in general, Kiwanians were invited to explore the newest member of the fleet. The newest CCT vehicle, with the medical facilities in the back portion of the vehicle, has a “cab” designed for four passengers. The rear patient care area will accommodate five adults in addition to the patient.

Critical Care Transport (CCT) Units have been part of Hall Ambulance since 2001, when helicopters joined the company. Critical Care Transport vehicles came on line in 2009. The CCT unit brought to the Kiwanis meeting was the newest vehicle which has been in use for eight months. Last year Harvey Hall (former owner of Hall Ambulance) invested one million dollars in new vehicles to better serve the people of Kern County. Hall passed away earlier this month and his wife is now serving as President of Hall Ambulance.

Critical Care Transports are used for moving patients from one critical care facility to another, when a Registered Nurse and specialized support systems are necessary. Often this kind of service is necessary in the cases of infants moving from one hospital to another.

Both Smith and Leone were on hand in the vehicle to answer questions about the equipment visible to the visitors exploring the ambulance. All were impressed by the organization and attention to detail observed in the vehicle—from the specialized hangers for IV bags to the video screens for the viewing pleasure of pediatric patients on long rides.

The Kiwanis Club of Taft is dedicated to serving the children of our community and to supporting those with similar goals.