Majority of the money goes for salaries and benefits

The Taft City School District's budget for 2018-19 is balanced and looking good for now, but how long the good times last is uncertain.

The TCSD Board of trustees got a look at the $28.5 million budget last night and is going to meet again in a week for final approval.

"We're just happy to be at where we are today," said Chief Business Official Adele Ward.

Estimated spending for the coming fiscal year is just under estimated revenues, according to figures presented by Ward.

The District is anticipating receiving just under $29 million in revenues.

In exact figures, the budget the Board will vote on next week calls for total general fund expenditures of $28,472,212 and total revenues of $28,789,645.

The bulk of the income, $23,436,099 or 81 percent, is coming through the state and its Local Control Funding Formula.

The rest of the money comes from various other state, federal and local sources.

Nearly 80 percent of the District revenues is going to be spent for salaries and benefits..

Certificated salaries for teachers and administrators will be $9.96 million, classified salaries are $4.27 million and benefits, including retirement and insurance, is $8.14 million.

The District has 126 certificated employees, including 110 teachers.

One reason the District's budget picture looks good in the short term at least is an increase in enrollment over the past several years, increasing its average daily attendance and income.

Enrollment at the end of the 2017-18 school year 2,297, an increase of 58 over the same time a year ago but down from October

If enrollment falls, it could impact income in future years.

"This is something that is going to need to be looked at to see if we are starting to see a trend," ward said.

District enrollment is up by about 200 over the past several years, Supt. Dr. Julie Graves said, and that has prompted the District to plan to move two modular classroom buildings from the Lincoln annex on The west side of Sixth Street to a basketball court on the main Lincoln campus.