Kids set up old-fashioned lemonade stand on Church Street

 Summer is officially in full swing for the kids of Taft, and one group of girls is taking full advantage of their break from school. With the sun bright and hot in the sky, Felicity Pierucci, Kadance Linder, Chloe Quillen, and Paige McGee decided they'd spend their Tuesday afternoon putting on a refreshing lemonade stand for the community.

The girls thought of everything from brightly colored signs, pretty paper cups, an assortment of delicious cookies, and cool, refreshing lemonade. 

What's more nostalgic than that?

As an older sister, Felicity wants to make sure the younger girls spend their summer having fun and making memories “We decided to make a lemonade stand because it's something fun to do in the summer and something fun for the girls.” She explained that growing up in the middle of nowhere, she never got the opportunity to do something like this, “I want to make sure they’re having fun and get to do cool stuff.”