Roger Miller discusses downhole filtration with future petroleum engineers

Roger Miller of Taft’s Pacific Perforating was recently invited to present a technical seminar to future petroleum engineers studying at the University of Southern California. Miller presented examples of downhole filtration systems used in heavy oil wells to Dr. Faruk Civan’s Master’s degree class on July 2. Pacific Perforating is the California subsidiary of RGL Reservoir Management Inc. (RGL), a market leader in sand control solutions for the world’s most challenging reservoirs.

“Being recognized by USC as an International authority for heavy-oil completions was truly an honor,” said Miller. “Most petroleum engineering schools teach little about the heavy-oil sand formations common in California and Canada. Filtering these sands has been a challenge since the first wells were drilled 120 years ago. Our company has dedicated itself to technical research and developed a variety of filters we manufacture”

Miller felt the students were most impressed with the video demonstrations from RGL’s University of Alberta partnership research laboratories located in Edmonton, Alberta. RGL currently supports five collaborative research and development projects in partnership with the University of Alberta and the National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada. Areas of study include flow dynamics, corrosion, sand control performance, and scaling and fouling. This research allows for more efficient production of the heavy oil wells surrounding the Westside.

RGL’s California-based manufacturing facility is located west of Taft. The API Spec 5CT™ licensed machine shop became a part of RGL more than 20 years ago when Pacific Perforating Inc. (PPI) joined forces as a subsidiary partner.

Miller, a third-generation oil field professional, worked as a public information director and journalism instructor at Taft College prior to working at PPI.

“Until meeting with USC, I’ve been out of the classroom nearly 40 years. To be invited to speak with USC’s Petroleum Engineering grad students confirms our company’s leadership role in the industry,” he said.

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