He celebrates with generations of friends and family

We have a new centenarian in town!

Saturday was a day of celebration as Mr. John Lippert marked his 100th birthday. Born in Fellows, Ca in 1918, Lippert has been a member of our community all his life. As a World War II veteran, longtime oilfield worker and family man, it seems only fitting that he should be celebrated for his long and full life.

A party was thrown in Mr. Lippert's honor at American Legion on Saturday afternoon. Nostalgic music crooned from the speakers as Mr. Lippert sat beaming, surrounded by many generations of friends, family, and loved ones. Everyone crowded around to hug their family patriarch and snap a photo with him. A slide show of pictures documenting his life was displayed on the tv screen as everone swapped stories and happy memories of the birthday boy. After a time of visiting, Mr. Lippert was presented with letters of congratulations and recognition from senator Jean Fuller and Congressman Kevin McCarthy.