Searching murky lake for more body parts isn't feasible, Sheriff says

From staff reports

Kern County Sheriff's detectives, the Kern County Coroner and Search and Rescue teams are still trying to solve a mystery that popped up at the Buena Vista Aquatic Recreation Area on Saturday.

How did a human leg end up in the lake?

Where is the rest of the body?

How did the person die?

Investigators have very little to go on beside the remains.

Very little is known, other than the remains washed up on shore and were discovered by a young girl.
The remains are in the custody of the Coroner.
The Sheriff's Search and Rescue team tried searching the lake, but it's a very challenging task.

The waters are murky, with very little visibility.
An attempt to search the bottom of the lake near the site where the leg washed up was unsuccessful, and it's doubtful that the search will continue without more information to go on.

Searchers say they can't search the entire 5,000 acre lake and probably won't try.
If new information arises about somewhere to look, that could change.

The Coroner isn't commenting on the leg and won't say if it has been determined if it is from a male or female, adult or child or even the state of decomposition.

The Coroner will be releasing more information once a detailed examination of the leg is complete.