Coouncilman says he needs to cut back on stress after serving four terms on Taft City Council

Randy Miller, the senior member of the Taft City Council, announced Tuesday that he will not seek a fifth term.

Miller, made the announcement at Tuesday's Council meeting.

"I am announcing that I will not be seeking a fifth term on this council," he said. "While I feel that I have a lot to still offer in the way of knowledge, experience, and common sense, I must, due to a recent physical and procedure I will be having, the need to reduce my stress level as one of the remedies as I look forward to really enjoying my retirement with (wife) Ginny as we knock off some bucket list items."

He had already pulled papers to seek a fifth turn but the recent medical issues apparently forced a change of mind.

Now, Miller's announcement resulted in the city extending the filing deadline for non-incumbents to Aug. 15.

Miller has served 16 years on the Council since he was elected in 2002, and in his statement, he discussed his tenure at length.

"I want to begin tonight by saying how much a pleasure it has been for me to serve on this council with these colleagues who have been so professional and caring about their service to this community," he said.
"For Mayor Dave and I it has been a long road to hoe and we have seen some times on this council that we were not very proud of being a part of. But we overcame adversity and have prevailed in the intervening years. We have gone through three city managers and several city attorneys’ that had tested our endurance," Miller continued. "It was a breath of fresh air when we were able to appoint Orchel to the council after a decade of turbulence. He has since earned his right to be here by the vote of the people. With the election of Josh and Renee, they learned and also earned their right to be here after the vote of the people. I believe we have become a cohesive team, albeit very independent but good managers of taking care of the people’s money. I believe we present a very good image for the city of Taft that our residents should be proud of. It has been my honor, my humble honor to have been selected by the council to serve two different terms as your Mayor. Having people refer to me as Mister Mayor is the pinnacle of my living in Taft. I know that Dave feels the same way. It is a very short list of people who can proclaim that."

Prior to being elected to the Council, Miller served a two-year term on the taft Planning Commission and 14 years on the West Side Health Care District Board.