Dave Dingle eats 15 tacos (and roasted peppers) to win

Flaco's Tacos was out this past weekend in the Albertsons parking lot selling food to help raise money for the Alpha House here in town. During the fundraiser, Flacos Tacos also hosted a taco eating contest.

For the last two years, Jeremy Howell has been able to best everyone and take home the title of champion. Howell came to this year's contest excited and ready to take home another win. This year's contest only had four entries, but it was a tight battle.

When the contest started, all of the contestants were given four plates of tacos with five tacos on each plate. They had five minutes to eat as many tacos as they could. The contest began and all of the contestants were going at the same pace.

Carlos Chivira, the owner of Flacos Tacos, tossed a roasted pepper on the plates of each contestant and told them they had to eat the pepper with the tacos. Midway through the second plate, the eaters started to show signs that they were slowing down.

Having entered the contest myself in order to get a first hand experience, I can tell you that at this point, everyone's jaws began to hurt from all the chewing. From here on it was a personal battle to eat another taco.

As Carlos began calling out the last few seconds, it was a close contest between three eaters. Dave Dingle, the eventual winner, doubled up his tacos in the last minute to overtake everyone else and get the win.

Dave Dingle got the win with 15 tacos. Jeremy Howell and myself finished with 13, and Will Trout finished with 10.

The winner received $150 in cash and will be getting a t-shirt that says Taco Eating Champ. As Dave Dingle was handed his winnings, he promptly gave $100 back to Carlos to donate to the Alpha House. It was a class act for a great cause.