Arrests for trespassing, resisting arrest

6:34 Assist Stranded Motorist
Occurred at Cadet Rd/Hwy 33, Taft. . Disposition: Gone On Arrival.

6:41 Assist other Departments
Occurred at Hill Rd/Olive Av. . Disposition: Assisted.

7:02 Noise Disturbance - Non Criminal
Occurred on Center St, Taft. . Disposition: Warning (Verbal/Written).

7:25 Follow Up Investigation
Officer initiated activity at Lucky 7, S. Tenth St, South Taft. . Disposition: Completed.

7:46 Unlicensed Driver
Officer initiated activity at Rails To Trails/Fourth St, Taft. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

8:00 Assist other Departments
Officer initiated activity at Philippine St, Taft Heights. . Disposition: Outside Assist.

9:10 Out of Control Juvenile
Occurred at Creekside Apartments on Finley Dr. , Taft. . Disposition: Completed.

10:11 Animal Control
Occurred at Kern County Fire on N. Tenth St. , Taft. . Disposition: Animal Pickup.

10:59 Animal Control
Officer initiated activity at Sixth Av, Taft Heights. . Disposition: Completed

11:27 Welfare Check - Misc. 1809240015Occurred at Fastrip Food Store on Kern St. , Taft. . Disposition: Checks Ok.

11:47 Pedestrian Check
Officer initiated activity at S. Tenth St/Hope St, Taft. . Disposition: Checks Ok.

12:24 Animal Control
Occurred at Taft Community Medical on Fourth St. , Taft. . Disposition: Completed.

12:48 Trespassing
Occurred at Personal Styles on Center St. , Taft. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

2:40 Animal Control
Occurred on North St, Taft. . Disposition: Completed.

2:53 Resisting Arrest
Occurred at Tenth St/San Emidio St, Taft. . Disposition: Arrest Made.

3:31 Welfare Check - Misc.
Occurred at St. Mary's Catholic Church on E. Woodrow St. , Taft. . Disposition: Checks Ok.

3:49 Welfare Check - Misc.
Occurred on Fourth St, Taft. (Hundred block.) . Disposition: Checks Ok.

4:53 False Alarms
Occurred at Taft College Weld Shop on Blackgold Ct. , Taft. . Disposition: False Alarm.

4:54 Theft under $50
Occurred at Family Dollar on Kern St. , Taft. . Disposition: No Action Taken.

7:40 Hazardous Situation - Non Criminal
Occurred at Sixth St/Kern St, Taft. . Disposition: Completed.

8:53 DUI, no accident
Occurred at Tenth St/Kern St, Ford City. . Disposition: Unable to Locate.

9:00 Misc - Patrol Check
Occurred on Finley Dr, Taft. . Disposition: Completed.

10:51 Suspicious Person
Occurred on Lucard St, Taft. . Disposition: Completed.

11:05 Assist other Departments
Occurred at Taft City Animal Shelter on Ash St. , Taft. . Disposition: Assisted.

3:00 Misc. - Extra Patrol
Officer initiated activity at Revival Worship Center, S. Sixth St, Taft. . Disposition: Completed.

5:30 False Alarms
Occurred at West Kern Water District on Kern St. , Taft. Disposition: Cancel Assignment.

5:46 Assist Stranded Motorist
Occurred at Adkisson Wy/Hwy 33, Taft. . Disposition: Completed.