Firm hired to finish fastening metal decking on superstructure of Student Center

There's some movement on the stalled Taft College student center construction project.

That project, a $12 million, 21,00 square foot building that will house house a student center, cafeteria, bookstore and other projects, came to a halt in late July when the College fired the contractor, Cal Averland, after construction fell behind schedule by months and little progress was made.

Since that decision, the college has been involved in lengthy and complicated discussions with the surety firm that guaranteed construction, to get the project back on track.

The project, on the east end of the TC campus next to the Kern County Library, was originally scheduled to be completed by the spring of this year.
The college took the action to terminate Cal Averland's project when it became obvious that that work was no where near being completed and wouldn't be done by a new deadline of mid-October.
now, a steel fabrication firm is finishing up some loose ends and fastening down the metal decking covering the superstructure of the building, TC Executive Vice President of Administrative Services Brock McMurray said.

Now, McMurray said, the surety company that backed Cal Averland, is in talk with some general contractors, including some that unsuccessfully bid for the project, about taking it over.

But its too soon to say when construction could start again or the student center will be completed.

"I'm not going to give you a timeline," McMurray told the Taft Rotary Club Wednesday. It is moving right along."

The student center is the final project being funded by Measure A, a 2004 general obligation bond.

It was plagued from the start with delays caused by a variety of factors.