Deputies sieze 4-1/2 pounds of marijuana

A local man was charged with manufacturing concentrated cannabis oil last week.

Danny Barham Jr., 29, was arrested last week by Kern County Sheriff's deputies conducting a probation search at a South Taft residence.

The deputies discovered the lab that makes "honey oil," a concentrated oil from marijuana plants and seized 4-1/2 pounds of marijuana, according to the KCSO.

Deputies also found paraphernalia and other items used to make the concentrated cannabis oil and an undermined amount of the substance already packaged.
Barham is being held in the Sheriff's Lerdo facility on $31,500 bail.

He has pleaded not guilty to manufacture of a controlled substance and is due in court on Oct. 16 for a preliminary hearing.

In addition to the charges filed from the honey oil lab, he was remanded back into custody for a prior conviction of possession of concentrated cannabis and for possession of a stolen vehicle.