Carob tree on 400 block was creating a trip hazard on sidewalk

City public work crews have removed a large tree from the 400 block of Center Street and will now be refilling a gaping hole hole in the sidewalk and pouring a new section of concrete.

The carob tree's roots were causing the sidewalk to buckle and creating a trip hazard for pedestrians.

"We've had numerous complaints going back 14 years," City Manager Craig Jones said. The tree was cut down on a Sunday to minimize disrutpion to downtown businesses because the 400 block of center was closed for severalr hours.
The stump was removed on Monday.

Many the carob trees that line center street have grown to the point where the large root sections becoming problematic.

This isn't the first tree that had to be removed and it won't be the last, Jones said.

One of the carobs growing in front of the American legion Hall on the 600 block of Center is also slated to be removed.
As they are removed, they are being replaced with smaller trees flowering pear and apple trees that are less prone to causing problems, Jones said.