Long-time members Dennis McCall and Randy Miller are retiring

Taft Oildorado President Shannon Miller announced the appointment of three new members to its 2020 Executive Board of Directors.
Joining Miller, Paul Linder, Eric Cooper, Dennis Eubanks, Glenn Black, and Stephanie House are the newly appointed Board members Josh Bryant, Emily Davis, and Scotty Gee.

Bryant works for Taft Union High School as an Accounting Analyst and is currently serving his first term on the Taft City Council. Josh also serves as the President of Westside Little League. Josh will serve on the Oildorado 2020 Executive Board as the Sponsorship Chair.
Davis is a Public Relations Specialists at West Side Recreation & Park District. Emily was a Maid of Petroleum in 2015. Emily will serve on the Oildorado 2020 Executive Board as the Public Information Officer.
Gee is an Environmental Specialist at Pacific Gas & Electric Company. Scottie is also the current President of Taft Kiwanis and serves on the Taft College Foundation and West Kern Oil Museum boards. Scottie will serve on the Oildorado 2020 Executive Board as a Director.
The new apointments come as two longtime members of the Executive Board, Randy Miller and Dennis McCall, step down.
“We would like to acknowledge retiring Executive Board members Randy Miller and Dennis McCall for their many years of service to Oildorado,” Miller said. “Both of these talented men have brought immeasurable knowledge, hard work, and dedication to Oildorado, and their contribution will remain. While both individuals are remaining in the community and have our community at heart, they have decided to move on from the board, which has opened the door for our new Executive Board.”
Oildorado will be held October 9-18, 2020.
The Oildorado 2020 Executive Board of Directors is:
•Shannon Miller: President and Treasurer
•Paul Linder: Treasurer; Past President 2015
•Eric Cooper: Vice President; Past President 2010
•Glenn Black: Vice President; Past President 2005
•Dennis Eubanks: Vice President; Secretary
•Stephanie Morris House: Vice President
•Josh Bryant: Sponsorships
•Emily Davis: Public Information Officer
•Scottie Gee: Director