Raffle for a half pig will also be held at Taft Sportsmen's Club range

 The Taft FFA will be hosting a Turkey Shoot Saturday at the Taft Sportsmans Club Shooting Range. The event will begin at 9 a.m.

The FFA will have breakfast and lunch available at the event. No matter your skill level, just come out and shoot and have some fun.

The top marksman in each round will win a free turkey. Load up your shotgun and some shells and make your way out to the range this weekend. If you need more information, please call 763-2300 ext. 481.

There will also be raffle tickets for sale.
One raffle is to have a chance to win a half of a pig. This includes ham, bacon, sausage and ribs. Those tickets are $10 a piece and there are two pigs. The are blue tickets and gold tickets.

Buy a ticket for both pigs or buy them all for one pig, the choice is yours.

That's a lot of meat for $10 if you are the lucky winner.

The other raffle going on is for a $500 gift certificate to Westside Arms. These tickets are $20.

Come out to shoot, watch, eat or just buy raffle tickets.