Measures to allow recreational and medical marijuana businesses in unincorporated areas voted down

Kern County voters just said no to two measures that would have allowed retail sales of cannabis in Unincorporated Kern County and also soundly defeated a proposed one-cent sales tax to fund law enforcement.

Measure I, which would have imposed a one-cent sales tax in unincorporated areas to fund general services, was defeated by a two-thirds majority.
It got 35,210 not votes to just 16,301 yes votes.
The two Kern County cannabis measures were defeated: Measure J, which would have legalized medical marijuana dispensaries in the unincorporated areas of Kern County, and a imposed a 7.5 percent income tax on those businesses, was defeated 77,721 votes (61.71 percent) to 48,220 (38.29 percent). Measure K, which would have legalized both recreational and medical dispensaries and put a one-cent sales tax on retail cannabis sales in unincorporated areas, was turned down 32,510 votes (66.6 percent) to 16,301 (33.4 percent).