Josh Bryant starts his second term

Two new Taft City Councilmen were sworn into office, an incumbent started his second term and Taft is keeping the same mayor the next two years.

The City Council held its biennial reorganization meeting Tuesday night and newly-elected councilmen Ed Whiting and Jeff Eveland took the oath of office for the first time, Josh Bryant was sworn in for his second four-year term and Mayor Dave Noerr was reelected for a second consecutive two-year term term with the gavel and third overall.

When Whiting, Eveland and Bryant were sworn into office, outgoing councilmembers Randy Miller and Renee Hill left the dais and the new councilmembers took their seats.
The election of a mayor, mayor pro tem and committee appointments followed

Noerr was reelected Mayor on a 3-2 vote.
Eveland nominated Bryant and Whiting nominated Noerr.

Eveland and Bryant voted for Bryant, and Whiting, Orchel Krier and Noerr voted for Noerr.
Krier, who is second to Noerr in seniority on the Council, was elected mayor pro tem on a 5-0 vote.

A few minutes later, during council statements, Whiting noted that research by Assistant City Manager/ Human resources Director Lonn Boyer revealed he is the second former Taft Police officer elected to the Council and the first former Chief of Police elected in the city's 108-year history.

Marvin Fuller, a councilman and mayor in the 1980s, was the other former police officer to serve on the council, Whiting said.