Ridgecrest Police Department’s PACT Coordinator Andrew Pudgorski was honored upon his retirement at the Ridgecrest City Council meeting on Wednesday. In attendance were a room full of PACT volunteers and their families. Pudgorski was RPD’s Employee of the Year for 2017. He is retiring after working for the RPD and the city for eight years.

RPD Chief Jed McLaughlin said he and Pudgorski have worked together for a long time, since Pudgorski worked for the Explorer program prior to working for PACT.

McLaughlin said the entire Pudgorski family is to be commended for their service to the city.

“It has been a good eight years for me. There have been a lot of good volunteers. They are all here,” Pudgorski said.

He also thanked McLaughlin and former RPD Chief Ron Strand.