Victim rescued after going down 100 foot embankment

A man was rescued by firefighters and flown to Kern Medical after his vehicle went off the roadway and ended up 10 feet or more down a steep embankment on Grover Grade Monday night.
The crash took place on the steep downhill grade just after 7:30 p.m.

Details on the crash were not available today from the California Highway Patrol. However, the Midway Driller has learned the victim was a Taft man, Josh Salazar, who suffered moderate to major injuries in the crash.

Salazar is a bilingual aide at Taft Union High School.

According to reports from the scene and radio communications between dispatchers and firefighters, the victim was able to call for help via cell phone.

The first firefighters on scene were unable to locate the victim, but he was located after he heard the horn on another fire engine.
Firefighters went over the side to search with flashlights and were able to locate the victim, according to reports from the scene.

He was freed from the wrecked vehicle, carried back up to the road and then taken by ambulance up the hill to a waiting medivac helicopter that landed in the brake check area at the top of the hill.