Search and rescue teams use Snowcat to reach her after she is trapped in car

An Orange County woman was rescued by search and rescue teams from two counties after getting trapped in her car by snow atop Mt. Pinos on Monday.

The Ventura County Sheriff's Office said Brooke Ladouceur, 24, travelled to the Chula Vista Campground near the mountain on the Kern-Ventura County border on Sunday.

She parked in the parking lot of the snow play area and hiked a short distance to the campground where she had planned to camp in the snow for a few days, the VCSO said.

But the area was hit by an extremely heavy snow on Monday from the same storm that closed Interstate 5 for most of the day.

Ladouceur wasn't ready for the extremely heavy snow, the VSCO said, and she went back to her car and called for help.

Deputies from the Lockwood Valley substation were notified about 4:30 p.m. and tried to reach the woman with four-wheel-drive but the heavy snow made the roads impassable even by the four-wheel-drive.

The Ventura County Sheriff's Fillmore Search and Rescue Team and Kern County Search and Rescue were activated and responded to the area with tracked Snowcat vehicles designed to operate in deep snow conditions.  As the temperature dropped and snow continued to fall, the two search and rescue teams worked together to reach the summit and safely rescued Ladouceur who had sought refuge in her vehicle.  Ladouceur was transported by Snowcat to the command post where she was taken to Lebec and reunited with her family.