Jazz band has "special connection" with Sara Garner

The Taft Union High School District Board of Trustees got a touching look at the effects music can have Tuesday night.
TUHS Music Director Amanda Posey introduced the eight musicians selected to play in the Kern County Honor Band and Honor orchestra and talked about plans to form a Taft Music Council.
She also talked about the jazz band's performances at local schools and how it impacts the younger students from the preschool at Taft College's Child Care Center to elementary schools.
In the room was Sara Garner, a 12-year-old special needs student who attends Roosevelt's special day class ― one of the groups the jazz bands performs Christmas music for.
Sara suffered a traumatic brain injury at age two, said her guardian, Diane Boydston.
Posey introduced vocalist Raygan Wescott, who sang a verse from What a Wonderful World."
As Wescott sang, she immediately caught the gaze of Garner from her wheel chair.
Boydston said music has a special effect of  Garner.
"She absolutely loves it," Boydston said. "It just perks her right up. She would rather hear music than people talking."
Posey said the TUHS musicians know Sara well.
"She is always so responsive when she hears music," she said "The jazz band has a special connection with Sara and her classmates."
"The best therapy is music," said Boydston. "It always has been."