Hyundai was reported stolen after it was found, CHP says

The car found in the California Aqueduct at Garner Field Road east of Taft was empty when divers searched it, the California Highway Patrol said.

The car, a 2017 Hyundai Accent registered to an owner in the Los Angeles area, was reported stolen this morning out of Maricopa, according to a CHP sergeant at the scene. When it was discovered, the rear of the vehicle was visible at the top of the water and officers were able to view a license plate.
It had not been reported stolen at the time it was found, officers said.
Divers from the Kern County Sheriff's Search and Rescue Team searched the vehicle about 10 a.m. and found no one inside.
One diver attached a large sling through the driver's compartment so a heavy duty tow truck could lift it out of the water.