Remains don't belong to Baylee Despot, KCSO says, and are still unidentified.

The Kern County Sheriff's office publicly confirmed that the leg found at Buena Vista Lake last summer doesn't belong to one of the Bakersfield 3.

While the identity of the person the leg belonged to hasn't been determined, "the leg was determined to not belong to missing person, Baylee Despot," the Kern County Sheriff-Coroner said this week.

The human remains were submitted to CODIS, the National DNA Index System, and an identity still was not determined.
The KCSO said it will be seeking any other resources available to identify the remains.
Despot and Micah Holsonbake, both of Bakersfield, have been missing since the spring of 2018.
Their disappearance has been linked to the murder of another Bakersfield man, James Kulstad, who was killed in the same time frame.

All three were acquaintances who associated with the sam group of people, and the murder and disappearances have been linked.
The leg was found on the shore at Buena Vista Lake on July 28.

It was determined to be from a female, prompting speculation that it could be from Despot, who was reported missing on April 25.

Holsonbake had been reported missing a month earlier in March.

In late August, a human arm was found in the Kern River near Hart Park and it was later determined that it belonged to Holsonbake.

Kulstad was killed on April 8.

Families of the three believe there is a link and have had several press conferences and appeared on the Dr. Phil Show.