Both structures were handed over to the city when owners couldn't fix them

Two buildings handed over to the City will be demolished soon.
The buildings, at 308 and 312 Main Street, are adjacent and share a common wall but have different owners.
Both owners had the same problems.
The structures had been damaged by a fire in April 2016 and both needed extensive work or even demolition.
But neither owner could afford that, or the cost of paying the city to get the work done, so both decided to deed the buildings to the city.
Once they are demolished the City will be able to sell the land for commercial development.
Both had been frequented by transients and were considered public nuisances.

the Taft City Council voted 5-0 to award the job to NSM Recycling, Inc. the lowest of three bidders with a bid of $24,500.

In other business at Tuesday night's meeting, the City Council took two steps to move the city closer to bringing more of the City's sidewalks into compliance with Americans With Disabilities Act requirements and facilitate more street repairs,

The Council awarded a $38,543 contract to BHT Engineering, Inc. for architectural and engineering services for the pedestrian improvement project on Sixth Street be3tween Main and Center and also approved an agreement with Caltrans for the funding to cover the cost of the engineering phase,
City manger Craig Jones said the City must bring the sidewalks into ADA compliance before it is eligible for funding to cover the cost of repairing the streets.

Jones said the 100 block of Sixth Street will resurfaced eventually, but not until fate the sidewalk work, which is scheduled for the fiscal year 2020 funding cycle,

"You probably won't see construction for another 18 months," Jones told the Council.