City not ready to name potential businesses yet

Construction on the new Dollar General on Tenth between Front Street and Supply Row is anticipated to start soon, and another commercial development is planned just across from it on the north side of Supply Row.

That's not all.

There may be another major new development on the west end of the Sunset Rails Project, and the City is in contact with a fast food restaurant chain looking at a franchise in another location.

The developer for the Dollar General project, Capitol Rivers, is marketing another pad in the same area

"They're not stopping with Dollar General," said Planning and Development Services Director Mark Staples.

The developer may have something in the works.

"There's further interest in further development in that area,"City Manager Craig Jones said.

That interest is from a large grocery chain, the Taft Midway Driller has learned.

City officials wont't say who the potential client is.

They are also being mum about a fast food chain locating on a vacant pad in the Albertsons Shopping Center parking lot.

That pad has sat vacant since the shopping center was built in the mid-1980s but now it is the potential location for a fast food restaurant with a drive-though, Jones confirmed but wouldn't publicly name the chain.