Golf cart, food stolen. KCSO has access to video suervellance

The West Kern Oil Museum was hit by thieves early Thursday.
They cut through a fence in the parking lot on the east side of the museum, broke into a storage shed then forced open a window on the cookhouse.
Museum volunteers said a golf cart and charger and new work gloves were taken from the shed and food and other items were removed form the cookhouse.
The loss is estimated at several thousand dollars.
Frozen food, including tri-tip and chicken was stolen as was coffee, tea and lemonade, large jars of olives and pickles, a crock pot, food warmers, ice chests and other items from the cookhouse.   The thieves apparently didn’t like green beans because several large cans were left behind.   The stolen food was to be used during the museum’s Pioneer Days barbecue in May.
Even a portable public address system was taken.   The following day volunteers were still tallying up the loss.  
"They pretty much ransacked the cookhouse," Museum volunteer Dennis McCall said, noting the thieves pried open a window to gain entry.   “The place was a mess."
Some of the stolen food was donated by volunteers.
McCall said a vehicle apparently backed up to the fence and a hole was cut through the chain link to gain entry into the museum museum grounds, apparently in the early morning hours.
The Kern County Sheriff's Office is investigating and deputies have been given access to video surveillance.