General manager is leaving after 9 years

Harry Starkey said his good-bye to the West Kern Water District and the District Board bid its own fond farewell to the man who has served as it general manager for nearly a decade.

Starkey's last day at the District was Friday and his Board meeting was three days earlier.

Starkey thanked the Board and the District for hiring him and trusting him.

"it's been a wonderful experience. The trust placed in me...I will always be grateful for."

Starkey came to work when he District had been going through several years of internal strife and g Board member Gary Morris thanked him for his leadership.

"It's a vast improvement from what I saw when I first got here," Gary Morris said.

The Board presented Starkey with several going away gifts, including bicycle sprocket clock and a bobble-doll in Starkey's likeness.

Starkey isn't completely getting sway from the West Kern Water District. He offered to stay on on a pro-bono basis as a representative on ACWA, the Association of California Water Agencies.

Greg Hammett, who formerly served as the head of the Brenda Mesa Water District, was hired to be the WKWD's new general manager