Officials now say there is enough room even with Dollar General

It looks like there's going to be one more Fourth of July Fireworks Show on Rails to Trails after all.

Last June, when plans were submitted for a Dollar General Store on the south side of Supply Row at Tenth Street and another commercial building on the north side of Supply row, City of Taft officials and the Taft Chamber of Commerce said the fireworks show was going to have to move.
The "blast zone," the safety area around where the pyrotechnics are shot off, wouldn't be big enough, with the new construction, officials said.

For nine years, the Fireworks show has been held there, much to the delight of Taft residents, many of who would walk to the show and many others who could watch the fireworks form the yards or porches.

People were resigned to moving the pyrotechnics, most likely to Franklin Field, where it had been held for many years before moving downtown

Well, as it turns out, even with construction of the Dollar General Store, there will be a large enough blast zone to shoot the fireworks off in the large vacant lot between rails to trails and Supply row on the west side of Sixth street, Chamber Director of Operations and Marketing Shannon Miller said.
Miller, who also serves on the Taft Planning Commission, said the second proposed commercial development across from the Dollar General project will not being built before the fireworks.

Officials from the City and Chamber will be meeting with the Kern County Fire Department next week to finalize plans for the 2019 show, which will be held on July 4.