13-year-old reportedly texted another student, threatening to "shoot up the school"

 A Lincoln Junior High student has been arrested on the campus after a threat to "shoot up the school" earlier this week.

Taft City School District officials confirmed Friday.

Superintendent Julie Graves released a statement Friday after a Bakersfield television station obtained "documents detailing the incident."

The student allegedly had been suspended from school prior to the incident and sent a text to another student with the threat.

Graves said that law enforcement was able to determine the threats "were not credible" but the 13-year-old student was taken out of a class and arrested on Thursday.

"Administration learned that a student had made a threat to ‘shoot up’ the school via a text message that was sent to another student," Graves said in the statement. "The student who made the threat was immediately removed from the classroom and law enforcement was called. The student was detained on campus and was later arrested. Law enforcement conducted a search of the student’s home where several toy guns were found. They have concluded that the text message threat were not credible."

Channel 23 News reported Kern County Sheriff'd deputies found a replica M1 Garand rifle and other items after searching the student's home and his mother's car.

The student is reportedly charged with making criminal threats.

"As always, the safety and well-being of our students and staff is our top priority and we will continue to work with law enforcement as they continue their investigation." Graves said in the written statement.