Council doubles its annual contribution for Fourth of July show

The Taft City Council has traditionally been an enthusiastic supporter of the annual Chamber of Commerce Fourth of July show, donating $2,500 annually to help fund the pyrotechnics.

Tuesday night, the Council upped the ante and doubled its contribution to become a $5,000 title sponsor for the July 4 show.

When the annual contribution came up for discussion Tuesday, Councilman Orchel Krier suggested keeping the donation at $2,500 or upping it to $3,000.

Councilman Ed Whiting said the city needs to do more.

Whiting said the local fireworks show is a symbol of the community's patriotic values and deserves much more support from the city.

It is supported only by donations from individuals and businesses.

"It shows our spirit, our patriotism," Whiting said. "It represents what I believe the heart of Taft to be. I think we ought to lead by example if we want the community to donate."

The rest of the council agreed.

"I take my whole family there. I love it," said mayor Dave Noerr, pointing out that this could be the last time the show is held on Rails to Trails.

The motion, made by Krier and seconded by Whiting, was approved on a 4-0 vote.

Firework booths

In other July 4-related businesses, the Council awarded permits to the Taft Motorcycle Club

Taft Midway Sunset Foundation, and Taft Sportsmen’s Club & Jr. Division to operate fireworks stands in the city this Fourth of July.
The city allows four qualified nonprofit organizations to sell legal, safe and sane fireworks in the city and usually has six to eight applicants, but this year only three groups applied by the March 31 deadline.
The Council approved a staff recommendation to extend the deadline for additional applicants until April 30.