Two-step overlay will start in late May or early June

Work should start later this month on a project to smooth out the rough roadway on Hillard Street.

Taft City Manager Craig Jones told the City Public Works Committee last week said the remainder of this year's road repair budget is going to be used to complete a two-step overlay on the entire length of Hillard from Kern Street to A Street.

The project was chosen by city staff after a review of the amount of time the city has put into work on the roadway, complaints from citizens and a look at the amount of traffic the road gets.

"It's not a secret that road is in pretty poor shape," Jones said.

The project will be done in two steps.

The first part will consist of a cold asphalt mix laid over the surface that is left for several days for traffic to compact it into the cracks in the road.

That will be followed by a second layer several days later to provide a smooth road surface.

Jones said it will be done in late may or early June.

Mayor Dave Noerr, who sits on the committee, said it's a good idea.

"That makes perfectly good sense to me," he said. "If you let a road go too far, the costs go up incrementally."

Another project in the works is going to be more complicated and expensive.