Caller claims to be a deputy with arrest warrant



The Kern County Sheriff's Office is reporting a recent phone scam in which someone is claiming to be a Deputy tells the caller they didn’t show up for jury duty, and that there is a warrant for their arrest.

This is a scam and the Sheriff's Office does not contact the public via telephone to pay fines, the KCSO said.

Anyone who receives a call from an unknown person requesting money should research the matter prior to providing any funds or personal information. You can do this by locating the organization’s telephone number online and contacting them directly.

When you take a phone call you suspect to be a scam, you can ask the caller for their name, employee identification number and callback number as well as a reference number for the matter they are calling about. This information can be used to contact the organization directly to determine the validity of the request.

If you receive suspicious telephone calls that you believe to be a scam, you are urged to contact the Kern County Sheriff's Office communication center at (661)861-3110, or your local law enforcement agency, to report the incident.