Problems start when pole falls in the wind

Three power outages, at least two of them related, left about 170 Taft residents without power Sunday.

The electricity started to go off just after 10 a.m. when a power pole on the 200 block of South Fourth Street toppled in gusty winds bringing down power lines and causing a second pole to lean.

About 35 customers near the fallen pole lost power, and South Fourth was blocked off between Main and Front Street. 

About a half hour later, a second outage was reported in South Taft, affecting customers on Naylor Avenue between Pico and Wood.

The cause of that outage is unknown.

Then, just before noon, a downed power line was reported in the area of Sixth and Front, knocking out power to 73 customers in an area bounded by Oak and Front and South Tenth and Lierly.
That may have been a result of the first outage, according to reports form the scene.