They will get a discount, but it's no longer free

The Taft City Council approved a resolution setting rental fees for use of the banquet facility in the transit facility.

Local nonprofits will no longer get to use it for free, but they will get a discounted rate.

Local government agencies will get a 50 percent discount, and Oildorado will be allowed to use the facility for free.

The Council made an exception for Oildorado Inc. because the group donated a large clock to the building and Oildorado only takes place every five years and is a major economic benefit to the city.

The new fee schedule was approved unanimously and without comment at a special meeting on May 15.

Councilman Orchel Krier had the item placed on the agenda.

Here is the fee schedule adopted by the Council:

•Rental $100 per hour with a two hour minimum or $800 per day.

•Deposit $250 without alcohol (refundable)

•Deposit $500 with alcohol (refundable)

•Rates for Local government agencies will be discounted at 50%.

•Non-Profit Organization/Groups operating exclusively within the 93268 area, must provide proof

of non-profit status, tax ID number, plus meet all other provisions as outlined, as well as benefiting

Taft residents. They will be required to pay the refundable deposit in full, but may receive 35% off

the listed rate, one time per year, per entity.

•Rental fees will be waived for Oildorado Inc., as they are a partner in the room, but they will be

required to pay the refundable deposit in full.