Countryside Car Wash gives Taft a modern and eficient car cleaning

Taft has a new full-service car wash using all the latest technology and its available at a very reasonable price.

Countryside Car Wash is open and running on West Kern adjacent to taco Bell just east of Hillard Street.and it's already been well received by the community, according to its owners, Rick and Neetu Jhaj.

"The residents and community has been so welcoming of us," Neetu Jhaj said. "It's a great feeling."

Countryside is providing jobs to 13 or 14 people, almost all of them from Taft, the Jhaj's said

From high-quality soaps to the most modern scrubbing sponges and the softest water, Countryside brings a state-of the art-car wash to town.

The Jhaj's own Taco Bell and adjacent vacant parcels.

"We've invested a lot of time and money in this town and we just felt the community was lacking this kind of service," Rick said. "No one was willing to take this on."

"It was definitely an overlooked need in this community." Neetu added.

Countryside carwash uses the most effective, latest spray to remove dirt and high pH soaps to loosen event the most stubborn "bug gunk" from insects, Rick Jhaj said,.

"You can't do that with regular soap.

Brushes clean off tires and wheels as well as the undercarriage and employs both high-pH and low PH to clean vehicles, then rinses off with the softest water made through reverse osmosis to remove minerals.

"Basically you're getting pure water," Jhaj said.

it all takes just three minutes to go through the wash, including the tire shine that comes with the deluxe wash.
There are also vacuum bays.

Countryside offers three washes costing $6, $9 and $12 and offers a membership plan with unlimited car washes for just $14,99 the first month and $24.99 each month after that.

With all the dust in Taft, a twice-monthly car wash is a necessity to some.

"If you come in twice a month it pays for itself," Rick Jhaj said. "These are things you can't do at home."