Operating budget is $5.3 million with $1.2 million for major capitol projects

Taft is planning on spending about $6.5 million for the 2019-2020 fiscal year.
The final budget was discussed by the City's Finance Committee last night and will be on the agenda for the City Council on June 18.

The overall budget includes $5.23 million for operating expenses and another $1.2 million for capitol projects.

The largest projects are for the police department and street repairs.

Police projects include funding for new vehicles, computers for patrol vehicles and about $100,000 in building improvements.
Street projects include $300,000 for street repair and $30,000 for striping.

Finance Director said the budget was prepared with all city departments directed to keep spending levels at prior years spending.
The only major exception is in the building department, where a full-time building inspector was hired after the city contacted for that service for several years.