"Ridgecrest and the surrounding areas are not alone," Assemblyman Vince Fong after two quakes in two days

Ridgecrest was hit with a 7.1 earthquake at about 8:30 p.m. on Friday night, just 34 hours after a 6.4 earthquake hit the town.

Many leaders have reached out, offering their direct support to Ridgecrest and their surrounding communities.

Kevin McCarthy

"Last night’s earthquake was one of the biggest ones I can remember. Lots of damage and power outages in the Ridgecrest area, but thankfully no reports of death or serious injuries.

First responders and search-and-rescue teams have been working through the night. I’ve been at our Incident Command Center coordinating with local officials and the Governor’s office to ensure Kern County has the response and recovery aid that we need."

Vince Fong

"Immediately following the 7.1 magnitude earthquake I headed to the Kern County Emergency Operation Center in Bakersfield where I witnessed impressive communication and collaboration amongst our first responders and emergency providers.

This is an uneasy time for our neighbors and community, but I assure you Ridgecrest and the surrounding areas are not alone, and we will continue to provide the support necessary to ensure residents can move forward.

Our priority is to make sure all necessary resources and services are available to the Indian Wells Valley.”

Gavin Newsom

"Headed down to assess [the] damage and meet with local leaders, first responders, and state officials in Ridgecrest and surrounding areas affected by the earthquakes.

Thankful for all those working tirelessly to support these communities."

Shannon Grove

“Today, I had the opportunity to survey the devastation in Ridgecrest and surrounding areas. We won’t know the extent of the destruction for several days, but I witnessed damaged infrastructure and homes that were destroyed by the powerful 6.4 magnitude earthquake.    I am hopeful and optimistic about the resiliency of the residents who call California’s 16th Senate District home.   I am also grateful for the dozens of first responders and local, state, and federal agencies who are united to help those in need.”