No glass, ceramic or plaster vases are permitted

The West Side Cemetery District District Board of Trustees adopted updated rules and regulations for flowers and grave decorations.
Here is a full copy of the new policy:
•We reserve the right to remove and dispose of all fresh and artificial flowers that are faded, discolored or in a state of deterioration.
•No glass, ceramic or plaster vases are permitted on graves.
•Please do not place any dirt, sand, gravel, rocks, cement, casting plaster, metal, or marbles in floral vases provided by the Cemetery. Styrofoam is permitted. Borders of any type around headstones and/or graves are strictly prohibited.
•Do not place ceramic, plaster, glass, plastic, metal figurines, toys, or wire of any kind on the graves, only adornments’ less than 18 inches tall may be placed in vases.
•Do not place crosses or other wood, metal, ceramic, or plastic grave location markers on graves. Only headstones and temporary grave markers approved by the Cemetery are permitted. Exceptions to these regulations are Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, and Christmas Day. Special decorations on these holidays must be removed by the following week. The cemetery or its employees shall not be responsible for anything of a breakable or movable nature that becomes broken or stolen including flowers or any decoration.

•The Cemetery Manager shall at his/her discretion and without notice remove decorations from any plot which may create a safety hazard or cause additional maintenance burdens. This shall apply particularly to multiple decorations placed on a grave site. 
•The Cemetery shall have the right to remove all objects whose appearance and condition warrant removal and/or violate the Cemetery’s rules and regulations. The Cemetery also will not be liable for any flower or decoration removed or lost by any cause.