Power pole ignites at Fifth street Plaza

Power went out to nearly 500 people in Taft  Monday
The outage was triggered by an electrical fire at Fifth Street Plaza.
The fire started just after noon at the base of the power pole in the alley next to the transit transfer station.
The fire started just after noon.
Kern County firefighters responded but had to stand by until power was cut to the wire at the pole about 25 minutes later.
Once it was cut, they moved in quickly to extinguish the fire, who had spread to amount of rubber landscaping bark.
PG&E said 481 customers, primarily on Center Street and south to most of South Taft and Taft Heights lost power.
 Most people had their power back on by about 1:20 p.m,   according to PG&E.
Taft Police blocked off the 400 and 500 blocks of Center Street until the power was cut and fire extinguished.