Rev. Angelo Frazier speaks out for adding decals to Taft police cars

The proposal to put "In God We Trust" decals on Taft Police cars is back on the fast track.

Councilman Orchel Krier wants Taft to followed the lead of the Kern County Sheriff and other departments and give officers the option of placing the decals with the national motto on the cars.

He brought the idea up at a July meeting and city staff asked for time to study the issue.
At the Aug. 16 Council meeting, a guest speaker urged the Council to adopt the program and the council, at Krier's urging agreed to put it back on the agenda for September.
Rev. Angelo Frazier, a Bakersfield minister and volunteer chaplain for the Bakersfield Police Department, told the council it's the patriotic thing to do.

"This is a great country and we have many blessings, but we still need this motto," he said. "We still need this motto. patriotism matters. This is why I do this. Because patriotism matters. the guiding principal in this nation has always been 'In God We Trust.'"

Both Krier and city staff indicated the city is likely to follow the lead of other agencies. Officers will not be required to have the decals on their cars, but can if they want.

The decals will be provided at no cost to taxpayers.