Callers pretend to be KCSO deputy, sergeant or lieutenant to steal money

Recently, the Kern County Sheriff’s Office has received reports of phone scams with people pretending to be law enforcement.
The suspect will call the victim from what appears to be the main line of KCSO Headquarters, tell the victim they or a loved one has an active warrant, and tell the victim to pay the fine or risk getting arrested.  The suspect will identify themselves as a deputy, sergeant, lieutenant or other rank within the KCSO. 
The public should know that the suspect is using caller ID spoofing to make it appear like the call is coming from the Sheriff's Office.
The Sheriff’s Office does not accept payments for active warrants over the phone.  Fines associated with warrants are paid to the courts, and they do not actively solicit warrant payments by phone. 
Please warn relatives who may not have access to social media and are unaware of these type of scams that often target seniors. If you suspect a potential scam, make sure you call the real number for the agency or business. The Sheriff’s Office Communication Center can be reached at 661-861-3110.