It's finally open and looks fantastic.

The new Starbucks opened in Taft just across from the smaller version inside of Albertsons. The Starbucks is in its own independent building now and has a very modern aesthetic.

When talking with the staff, an employee was asked about how customers had been since they opened, because most places tend to have very stressful openings with hiccups in production or efficiency, to which they replied "They've been very understanding."

They were then asked their own opinion on Taft building its own Starbucks building and whether they think it is a good idea. They said, "Yes, definitely, especially because of the drive-thru. It makes things so much easier for people headed to work."

The building is very modern with its grey tones and warm wood decor on the inside. It's very open and has a cozy atmosphere that seems inviting in itself.

It will be open from 4:30 AM - 10:00 PM 7 days a week.