Codefendant will be sentenced next week

Eduardo Alcantar-Lopez was sentenced on Thursday to 13 years in state prison for his part in the home invasion robbery, assault and carjacking of a Taft man in May 2018.

A codefendant, Juan De Jesus Mota, is scheduled to be sentenced next week.

Alcantar-Lopez entered a plea of no contest on Sept. 20 to one count of carjacking and charges of burglary, kidnapping, assault with a deadly weapon, robbery, threatening with intent to terrorize, resisting arrest, kidnapping during a carjacking, kidnapping to commit robbery and preventing or dissuading a witness from testifying were dismissed.
Motapleaded no contest to one count of robbery and eight other felony counts and a misdemeanor charge were dismissed. Mota remains in jail on $500,000 bail.

Alcantar-Lopez, 25, and Mota, 22, were both charged in an attack that began on the 200 block of San Emidio early on May 17.

Taft Police said the victim was asleep in his home when one of the suspects slipped in through a window and opened a door to let the second suspect inside.

The suspects began ransacking the home looking for valuables, police said.

At some point the victim awoke and confronted the suspects.

He was assaulted, then tied up and blindfolded as the suspects continued to rummage through the house.

The suspects punched and kicked him several times, police said, as they demanded to know where the money and valuables were.

The victim was then untied and taken out to his own car at knifepoint and then driven to Chase Bank a few blocks away with one suspect holding a knife to his neck, police said. 

Once there, the suspects ordered him to go into the bank and withdraw money and return with it.

If he didn't, police said, the suspects threatened to kill him and his family and burn his house down.The victim instead told bank employees what was happening and they called police.

As officers arrived, both suspects fled from the car.

One suspect was chased by officers as he fled westbound up the alley on the north side of the 400 block of North Street and a discarded backpack was found.

Alcantar-Lopez was arrested a short time later.

Mota was arrested the next day.

Alcantar-Lopez was free on bail when he missed a June 2018 court appearance and a warrant was issued.

He remained at large until Feb. 9 when he was spotted at the Fastrip at Tenth and Kern. He fled across Kern Street and into the West Kern Water District yard, where he hid under a trailer until he was located by a Kern County Sheriff's Search dog and an infrared-equipped KCSO helicopter.

He struggled with police and the dog before he was subdued, and still faces charges of felony resisting arrest and a misdemeanor count of injuring a police dog.