Club provides some fresh fruits and vegetables to fellow students, and starts an Apple Crunch Day

Fall is the perfect time to think about a garden.

Did you know Taft Union High School has a garden and a Garden Club? The club was established two years ago, after a few TUHS  teachers and a counselor attended a conference in Modesto on Farm to School and Gardens. While in attendance the staff learned some exciting ways other schools were using locally grown food on their campuses. The TUHS Garden Club was founded based on the ideas learned at the conference. The club currently has five raised beds and a greenhouse located at the TUHS Farm. 

Seedlings begin in the greenhouse, the students transfer the small plants when they are ready to the raised beds .Although the garden is not producing enough food to supply the cafeteria, the club has been able to offer fresh fruits and vegetables to the students and staff on campus. With these offerings, the club has helped people gain an appreciation for real food,grown without chemical fertilizers. The club has given away lettuce, kale, beets and squash. These fresh gifts brighten the recipients day and add a healthy component to their diets.

This October, the club organized The First Apple Crunch Day. This is a popular Fall Event in the Midwest and it’s gaining popularity in California. With the support of Josh Bryant, CBO TUHS, the club was able to purchase over 600 apples from Gopher Glen Apple Orchards located in Avila, CA. The apples were given to TUHS students on campus before school and during lunch. This event was a huge success. The fresh, crisp apples were delicious. Staff and students alike enjoyed the sweet treats.

The Garden Club has very strong leadership and attendance. This year’s President is Yasmin Cisneros. Yasmin leads all the meetings. She also tends the garden, even in the heat to keep it tidy. The club and its advisors are working hard to increase the gardens production.

The community has been very supportive with donations to the club The club would like to express their appreciation for all the community support. Watch for the fundraisers and other ways to support the TUHS Garden Club.